Sugarcane Island, Brooklyn

Today we are promoting a black company based in Brooklyn, my hometown. Sugarcane Island. The brother and founder Ganiu Ladejobi was on the journey of a healthier lifestyle. While on a trip to Nigeria he bought some sugarcane from a street vendor and chewed the pieces to suck the juice out. Inspired, back in the states he searched everywhere for bottled pure raw sugarcane juice. It was impossible to find. He did find one canned version with 30% juice with all other chemicals added, even sugar. Imagine that. He wanted sugarcane in its raw state, thus he started Sugarcane Island.
We want to spotlight this business. We know sugarcane is an African gift that was given to the world. We know the history of Black people in recent history from the homeland to the Caribbean, dying to produce this precious commodity for the new world and Europe. Our brother has created a raw natural sugarcane juice with no heat treatment no additives, preservatives, natural colors or chemicals of any sort! This is a natural sweet beverage with health benefits. The sugar content is all natural sugarcane sweetness. It also contains protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and potassium.
Maybe we can help to get this product international. Let’s go Brooklyn! Check out the site at

. Also @ sugarcane island instagram.