Building Black Wealth in 2017

Here we are in 2017. We all know the challenges that are before us. Black people, we are still here, and we have much work to do. Economically, we are in a strange place in this country. We know that Black unemployment is probably double what they say the national average is, and we can see from the presidential election that the underemployed white population has spoken. Where does this leave the super underemployed population of Blacks that have been surviving systematic poverty for decades? As I have touched on in a previous post , it does not matter who the president is, Black people have to save themselves. It should be crystal clear now. But how do we save ourselves you say if we are suffering from lack of employment from the white American structure? We have the ability to create a beautiful prosperous self-sustaining economic future for ourselves and our children by working together!
Black people have to employ and work with other Black businesses in a conscious and deliberate way to benefit each other our children and our communities. Have we forgotten about that 1.5 Trillion in spending that Black people are responsible for spending (giving away) on a yearly basis. We are spending more than many other countries are operating from on a yearly basis. That 1.5 Trillion is more than the GDP ( gross domestic product) of Indonesia, Turkey, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Iran, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Austria, South Africa Venezuela and many more. What? These are counties with industries, banking institutions, trading products, tourist attractions and governments operating with less than the capital that Blacks are throwing away on a yearly basis. You mean to tell me that we cannot eventually, gradually come to our senses and redirect our spending to build some industries for ourselves to employ ourselves and build a future for our nation?
The struggle to be recognized by whites in the workplace, at the Oscars and virtually every other aspect of society can be balanced and eventually eliminated by using our money and resources here and abroad to build institutions and employment opportunities for ourselves. We have to begin where we stand! We have to encourage our children to become business owners and not employees. We have to learn the techniques to build wealth in this country and teach our children. The sacrifice and discipline that we put in today will benefit the next generations. The internet has opened the door for a new economy and new communications. There are many profits being made through the internet as well as new ways to learn. We have professors and business leaders that we did not have access to before, that can help us to change our positions. We can spend our time gossiping, or reacting to racism, or we can educate ourselves strap up mentally and begin to build for our future.
WE now have a Black Business School that you can enroll your children in to learn the basics of wealth building and investing in the stock market. We have a business school with professors and business leaders in various industries that are successful and ready to serve our community. You can learn how to start a business, how to get money to start your business. The basics of wealth building and a whole lot more! For anyone interested in entrepreneurial education, courses and wealth building, check this link