Why Proper Black Spending Can Revolutionize Black Lives

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In the wake of the recent shootings of black men throughout the nation along with the police, the stakes are very high. There is grief on both sides. Emotions are very high and people are looking for solutions. “The Trillionaire Next Door,” is the home for black economic solutions and wealth building for the community. Your personal wealth first and the greater black community.
We cannot control what the police do at this point. We cannot control the prosecutors or the judicial process, but the one thing we can control is our behavior overall and our economic behavior. 1.2 trillion every year out the window!. I know you read the stat where it was reported that the black dollar spent just six hours in the black community as opposed to the Asian dollar spending about a month in circulation in its community. I’m not sure how accurate this is but I do know we need somewhere to spend our money as an alternative. If your community has 50 chinese restaurants and 2 black owned restaurants and all of the chinese restaurants are thriving, these stats will remain the same. We have to think business and not emotional. We have to do the work to change these circumstances.
There have been numerous economic boycotts throughout various cities. Do your research and decide which move is right for you. I agree with a targeted boycott, but I am more interested in building. We can boycott all day but where are the alternatives? We need supermarkets black owned, in connection with black farmers in every city where black people live. We need black shopping centers and economic hubs in our cities to trap the money.
One thing we do have at this moment is black banking. One United Bank is the first online black owned bank. You should go and open an account today! I also have a list of 21 physical black owned banks to support in your city. We have to start somewhere. Let us build these banks, hold them accountable when looking for loans and help with building projects.